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I am finally getting back into blogging after nearly a year and I could not be more excited! Today I’m going to be reviewing ‘The Nubian Palette’ a 12 colour eye shadow palette by Juvias Place- a product I have wanted to review for quite some time.


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I actually got this palette for my birthday from my sister, however on the Juvias Place website you can order The Nubian for $25 USD (about $34 AUD) + $21 USD for international shipping to Australia (about $27 AUD). The shipping cost was quite pricey- nearly the same as the actual product- however this is pretty standard to ship to Australia! I believe my sister also used the code ‘Nikkie’, which enabled her to get 10% off. I thought the palette itself was very inexpensive- especially compared to big brand palettes which generally retail around $70 – $80 AUD.

Shipping/ Service 

My package arrived roughly 10 days after placing the order- again, quite good for international shipping to Australia. The Juvias Place website seems quite simple however very user friendly.


I found out about this product through Nikkie Tutorials Snapchat who has also done many YouTube tutorials using The Nubian and other Juvias Place palettes. If I hadn’t seen this palette on Nikkie’s social medias, I don’t think I would even know that the brand exists. Considering Nikkie has more than 6.5 million subscribers, I think this such a brilliant marketing technique- whether sponsored by Juvias Place or not. Nikkie’s swatches of the product displayed how super-pigmented the shades are, which really drew my attention.

On the Juvias Place website, the home page alerts you to 2 different discount codes that can be used to get 10% off your purchase- the codes ‘NIKKIE’ and ‘FUMI’. I love that the codes are promoted conveniently on the sellers website (this is usually not the norm with such discount codes) as this shows customers that the company actually wants you to save money.

Another interesting promotional tool used on the company’s website, is the option to ‘bundle’ either 2 or 3 palettes together at a reduced cost. This option is heavily advertised on the website – when checking out it even prompts you to ‘bundle’ another palette onto your order. If I had ordered this palette myself, I think I absolutely would have been persuaded to do so.



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I really like the packaging as it is surprisingly small and lightweight. Additionally I think front design is very pretty. The only negative of the packaging is that it doesn’t feature a mirror- which would stop me from using the palette for travelling ;(


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Colour Range

The Nubian Palette features 12 eyeshadow colours made up of 8 shimmer and 4 matte shades. It is a collection of warm, neutral colours featuring a few transition mattes and several warm shimmer shades. I think this is the P-E-R-F-E-C-T palette for a bronze smokey eye, which is my go-to eye look. I think this particular colour range works best with warm toned skin.


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My favourite colours (see above) in this palette are easily the gold, copper and champagne shimmer shades (unfortunately the colours don’t have names). They look very bold once applied and make outstanding lid and inner-eye colours. I also love the orange-matte shadow as a transitioning shade.


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In terms of quality, I can honestly say that The Nubian is the most pigmented formula I’ve ever used. The colour pay off is outstanding  (the above swatches don’t do it much justice) and I have never achieved such a bold eye look with any eyeshadow – even with the use of MAC’s Prep + Prime Fix Spray. The shades are so incredibly blendable and apply very beautifully. I sometimes find that highly pigmented shadows go hand in hand with high amounts of fallout, however this could not be farther from the truth with The Nubian. I think the shadows are almost too pigmented (is that even possible?!) – it’s easy to go over board with the shades so you really only need to use the tiniest amount of product on your brush- especially with the matte shades.

Cruelty Free StatusScreen Shot 2017-03-10 at 2.37.03 pm.png

According to their FAQ’s, Juvias Place are a completely cruelty free brand- no animals were harmed or tested on to create any of their products. Further to this, all of their palettes (with the exception of the Saharan Palette) are vegan, making the Nubian both cruelty free and vegan- it doesn’t get much better than that!

Overall, I would recommend this product to just about anyone- especially considering how cheap it is compared to other eyeshadow palettes. It is the most beautifully pigmented, warm toned eyeshadow palette I’ve ever used and I can’t seem to bring my self to use any other shadows at the moment. Buy The Nubian and other Juvias Place products here!

Best Thing: The colour pay off & price point

Worst Thing: The only negative is the lack of mirror

Thanks for reading- TriedAndTestedBeautyProducts x