All Time Fav: Eye Liner

Hi all, for this All Time Fav, I’m going to be sharing my favourite eye liner. Too clarify- I am talking about black liquid eye-liners, as I find gel & pencil liners too hard to use. I have tried every eye-liner under the sun, from big brand name cult-favs to drugstore steals, and have always found problems with them. While some I’ve tried have been really amazing and close contenders for my favourite e.g. Benefit’s ‘Schwing’, I have never found my ‘holy grail eye liner’. However I have recently been introduced to Tarte’s ‘Light, Camera, Lashes Precision Longwear Eyeliner and oh my god it is amazing!

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I purchased mine from Sephora, for $27.00 which is pretty reasonable for a high-end eye-liner. The description on Sephora online says ‘Line and define eyes like a pro in one seamless swipe with this collector’s edition of tarte’s bestselling, liquid liner eye essential—revamped for fun, summer eye looks. Its signature, ultra-thin, flexible tip glides easily along the lashline, making the lashes appear visibly fuller. The limited-edition, rich brown shade is the perfect addition to your sultry summer liner looks—from a tight, defined line to a bold, deep brown cat eye—delivering ultra-precise, long-lasting pigment that can be customized to suit your desired definition. Featuring trendy, vibrant packaging with a neon purple design, it’ll inspire you to bring it along for every summer adventure.’ 

The packaging is fairly plain yet sleek- nothing different to any eye-liner I’ve ever seen. However what makes this product my favourite is the applicator, colour & consistency. The applicator is the perfect length- not too-short and not too-long & also the perfect width- not too-thin and not too-thick. The thinness of the applicator allows you to easily build up a perfect winged eye-liner every time. Additionally, the felt tip runs really smoothly (unlike some applicators which are quite bumpy) along my eye-lids, which makes for a consistently sharp and precise line.


(Original Image by TriedAndTestedBeautyProducts)

The colour is also one of the things I love about it- it’s matte jet black. It stands out against any eye-shadow colour which I have on, rather than fade into the background. It doesn’t fade at all during the day and lasts all night. I’ve found that with other eye-liners, the product runs out really quickly- even after 2 weeks, meaning I have to continually replace my eye-liners. However with Lights, Camera Lashes, I’ve used it over twenty times and the colour is just as black as when I first used it- and when it does run out, it’s fairly cheap to replace anyway! It dries quickly, however still gives you long enough to blend out if necessary. Another bonus is that if I apply MacFix+ or a setting spray, Lights, Camera, Lashes doesn’t run or smudge!


(Original Image by TriedAndTestedBeautyProducts)

Light, Camera, Lashes is vegan friendly and cruelty free- Yayyy! I think it is the exact same quality/colour/consistency (if not better) as Chanel’s CrueltyFreeAndVegan_Logo‘Eyeliner Pen Effortless Definition’ (RRP $55.00 AUD)  which is probably my second favourite eye-liner. However it is nearly half
the price and far more ethical (as Chanel does test on animals), which is why Tarte’s ‘Light, Camera, Lashes Precision Long-wear Eyeliner’ is my all time favourite eye liner. You should try it for yourself- buy it from Sephora online here.

Best Thing: Hard to pick just one but probably the applicator which is so versatile and build-able for any eye design.

Worst Thing: I honestly can’t think of anything I don’t like about it!

Thanks for reading- TriedAndTestedBeautyProducts x



All Time Fav: Blush

Hi all! So for this All Time Fav blog product, I’ve decided to discuss my favourite blush. I feel like it’s so important to find your holy grail blush, as it makes such a difference to your look. After years and years of using any-old blush- usually the first one the I pick up in my drawer- I finally decided that I needed to search and select for one that I can use over and over again and that was the perfect colour.

I had heard great things about nars blushes, however had never actually tried them. One in particular that had been recommended to me for my skin tone from both professional MAU’s and friends/ family is NAR’s Blush in Orgasm. So I eventually relented and bought it.

(Original Images by TriedAndTestedBeautyProducts)

At Mecca Maxima it retails for $44, which is a lot of money to spend on a blush I thought. On the website it says ‘The ideal blush to brighten and rejuvenate your complexion, available in a range of colours to suit all skin tones.’ This description, the price and the fact that it’s  great reputation meant that I had very high expectations for such a coveted item. I eventually purchased mine from Mecca, thinking that there was no wore that a blush could be worth the $44 price tag.


(Original Image by TriedAndTestedBeautyProducts)

My first impression of the packaging was that it was really sleek and elegant. Unfortunately the packaging does get quite dirty in make-up drawers/ bags because it’s black and uses a certain material, however this is just a minor flaw. Upon actually applying the product to my cheekbones, I was honestly blown away by how amazing it was! It is super pigmented and you definitely only need a little bit as it goes a long way (see below swatches) It is a beautiful color which would probably suit most skin-tones. It is also buttery and very easy to blend. Nar’s Orgasm definitely lives up to its rep- something that can’t be said about most cult products. I use it as part of my daily make-up routine as well as when I’m going out- it’s so versatile. Regarding the price- I think if you are willing to invest in a high-quality blush that you will use everyday, then this is the blush for you. I have used mine daily for the past 6 months, and I’m not even half-way through.


Nars is owned by Shiseido, which is a company which tests on animals, however Nars IS a cruelty free company- their products don’t test on animals. Nars is NOT sold in China where animal testing is mandatory for foreign cosmetics companies (Cruelty Free Kitty, 2016). Nars is not a vegan brand however. I personally think it’s great that Nars doesn’t test on animals, especially given the pressure they are likely under to trade in China alongside Shiseido. It is obviously far better than buying from a brand that does straight up test on animals. I do however understand that some people would be uncomfortable buying from Nars when they are indirectly supporting their parent company-Shiseido- that DOES test on animals. To read more about this moral dilemma, click here.

Best Thing: The pigmentation & colour

Worst Thing: The packaging

Buy it from Mecca Maxima online here.

Thanks for reading- TriedAndTestedBeautyProducts x

All Time Fav: Highlighter

I thought as well as reviewing products regularly, I’ll also post special blogs with a theme, such as my all time favourite product of each make-up category. So lets begin! Unless you have been living under a rock, you will have no doubt heard of Becca x Jacyln Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Champagne Pop. It is a highlighter that is described on the Sephora website as “Highlight your natural glow with this stunning collaboration between BECCA and professional makeup artist Jaclyn Hill. Blending a pigmented warm shade with a subtle pinky peach undertone with a soft lustrous finish, the Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Champagne Pop absorbs, reflects, and refracts light, giving you a sophisticated, radiant overall look.” 


(Image from Sephora Online)

Champagne pop seems to be e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e-s favourite highlighter, and the second you use it you see why. Simply- the pigmentation and colour is stunning. I’ve never used a highlighter with as amazing quality. You only need a tiny bit to create an instant luminous glow. I use it to highlight my cheek bones, nose and brow bone. It is a bit on the pricey side- $60 AUD, however if you are looking to invest in a highlighter that you can use over and over and over again, whether it be for a night out, or in your daily make-up routine. The packaging isn’t amazing, and I would love to see it jazzed up a bit.

(Original Images by TriedAndTestedBeautyProducts)


According to Pretty Harmless, this product is NOT vegan, however is cruelty free. While I prefer to use vegan products, I will settle for cruelty free when the product is this good! Honestly I will buy this product over and over again, it is everything I look for in a highlighter and it is definitely my holy grail. I bought mine from Sephora here.  RRP $60.00.

Best Thing: The amazing pigmentation and colour

Worst Thing: The price- however it is justifiable for such a high- quality product.

Thanks for reading- TriedAndTestedBeautyProducts x