Product Review: The Nubian – Juvias Place

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I am finally getting back into blogging after nearly a year and I could not be more excited! Today I’m going to be reviewing ‘The Nubian Palette’ a 12 colour eye shadow palette by Juvias Place- a product I have wanted to review for quite some time.


Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 12.47.05 pm.png

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I actually got this palette for my birthday from my sister, however on the Juvias Place website you can order The Nubian for $25 USD (about $34 AUD) + $21 USD for international shipping to Australia (about $27 AUD). The shipping cost was quite pricey- nearly the same as the actual product- however this is pretty standard to ship to Australia! I believe my sister also used the code ‘Nikkie’, which enabled her to get 10% off. I thought the palette itself was very inexpensive- especially compared to big brand palettes which generally retail around $70 – $80 AUD.

Shipping/ Service 

My package arrived roughly 10 days after placing the order- again, quite good for international shipping to Australia. The Juvias Place website seems quite simple however very user friendly.


I found out about this product through Nikkie Tutorials Snapchat who has also done many YouTube tutorials using The Nubian and other Juvias Place palettes. If I hadn’t seen this palette on Nikkie’s social medias, I don’t think I would even know that the brand exists. Considering Nikkie has more than 6.5 million subscribers, I think this such a brilliant marketing technique- whether sponsored by Juvias Place or not. Nikkie’s swatches of the product displayed how super-pigmented the shades are, which really drew my attention.

On the Juvias Place website, the home page alerts you to 2 different discount codes that can be used to get 10% off your purchase- the codes ‘NIKKIE’ and ‘FUMI’. I love that the codes are promoted conveniently on the sellers website (this is usually not the norm with such discount codes) as this shows customers that the company actually wants you to save money.

Another interesting promotional tool used on the company’s website, is the option to ‘bundle’ either 2 or 3 palettes together at a reduced cost. This option is heavily advertised on the website – when checking out it even prompts you to ‘bundle’ another palette onto your order. If I had ordered this palette myself, I think I absolutely would have been persuaded to do so.



(Original Image by TriedAndTestedBeautyProducts)


I really like the packaging as it is surprisingly small and lightweight. Additionally I think front design is very pretty. The only negative of the packaging is that it doesn’t feature a mirror- which would stop me from using the palette for travelling ;(


(Original Image by TriedAndTestedBeautyProducts)


Colour Range

The Nubian Palette features 12 eyeshadow colours made up of 8 shimmer and 4 matte shades. It is a collection of warm, neutral colours featuring a few transition mattes and several warm shimmer shades. I think this is the P-E-R-F-E-C-T palette for a bronze smokey eye, which is my go-to eye look. I think this particular colour range works best with warm toned skin.


(Original Image by TriedAndTestedBeautyProducts)

My favourite colours (see above) in this palette are easily the gold, copper and champagne shimmer shades (unfortunately the colours don’t have names). They look very bold once applied and make outstanding lid and inner-eye colours. I also love the orange-matte shadow as a transitioning shade.


(Original Image by TriedAndTestedBeautyProducts)


In terms of quality, I can honestly say that The Nubian is the most pigmented formula I’ve ever used. The colour pay off is outstanding  (the above swatches don’t do it much justice) and I have never achieved such a bold eye look with any eyeshadow – even with the use of MAC’s Prep + Prime Fix Spray. The shades are so incredibly blendable and apply very beautifully. I sometimes find that highly pigmented shadows go hand in hand with high amounts of fallout, however this could not be farther from the truth with The Nubian. I think the shadows are almost too pigmented (is that even possible?!) – it’s easy to go over board with the shades so you really only need to use the tiniest amount of product on your brush- especially with the matte shades.

Cruelty Free StatusScreen Shot 2017-03-10 at 2.37.03 pm.png

According to their FAQ’s, Juvias Place are a completely cruelty free brand- no animals were harmed or tested on to create any of their products. Further to this, all of their palettes (with the exception of the Saharan Palette) are vegan, making the Nubian both cruelty free and vegan- it doesn’t get much better than that!

Overall, I would recommend this product to just about anyone- especially considering how cheap it is compared to other eyeshadow palettes. It is the most beautifully pigmented, warm toned eyeshadow palette I’ve ever used and I can’t seem to bring my self to use any other shadows at the moment. Buy The Nubian and other Juvias Place products here!

Best Thing: The colour pay off & price point

Worst Thing: The only negative is the lack of mirror

Thanks for reading- TriedAndTestedBeautyProducts x


High End vs Budget: Highlighter

High End: Becca x Jacyln Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Champagne Pop

  • RRP $60AUD (from Sephora)
  • 8.5 grams

Budget: the BALM’S Mary-Lou Manizer 

  • RRP $29.95 AUD (from Sephora)
  • 8.0 grams

Money Saved: $30.05; Size Difference: .5 grams (Champagne Pop has slightly more product)

(Image from Sephora Online, Left: Champagne Pop, Right: Mary-Lou Manizer)

These are 2 of my favourite go-to highlighters which I use over and over again. I’m slightly biased as I have revealed in an earlier blog that Champagne Pop is my All Time Fav highlighter, however I will try and compare the 2 as fairly as possible!

First things first- the price. Mary-Lou Manizer is half the price of Champagne Pop, and there is a H-U-G-E price difference of $30.05. In terms of packaging, I think Mary-Lou Manizer takes the cake. All of theBALMS packaging is so quirky and fun, which is a nice change from the typically plain packaging adopted by most cosmetic brands. See The Manizer Sisters Collection;

(Original Image by TriedAndTestedBeautyProducts)

Now down to the nitty-gritty, the colour & quality. The most obvious difference between the two highlighters is colour. The undertone of both products is champagne/beige, however Mary-Lou Manizer (pictured left) is more frosty and neutral, whereas Champagne Pop (pictured right) is definitely more golden and warm toned.

13393404_520747004784438_2115233609_n (1).jpg

(Original Image by TriedAndTestedBeautyProducts)

Both are extremely high quality, however I find that with Mary-Lou Manizer, the colour pay off isn’t as great as Champagne Pop. The pigmentation of Champagne Pop is what warrants the high price- you only need the tiniest bit of product to create an instant glow. When swatching each product, I had to apply more and more layers of Mary-Lou Manizer to fairly compare the two. Pigmentation is definitely the biggest difference between the 2 products- while they are both very pigmented, Champagne Pop greatly surpasses Mary-Lou Manizer as you only need the tiniest amount of product.

13384917_520744994784639_1189507711_n (1)

(Original Image by TriedAndTestedBeautyProducts- top; Mary-Lou Manizer, bottom; Champagne Pop)

Champagne Pop is NOT vegan, however is cruelty free, whereas Mary-Lou Manizer is both vegan AND cruelty free, which is another point-of-difference for the later!

The Verdict

If you are not willing to pay such a high price for a highlighter yet still want a high quality product, then theBALM’S Mary-Lou Manizer is definitely for you! The colour and packaging is amazing, it’s 100% vegan & cruelty free and a very affordable price. However if you are willing to spend double the price for a higher-quality and more pigmeted product, then Becca x Jacyln Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Champagne Pop is for you!

Buy Champagne Pop from Sephora online here.

Buy Mary-Lou Manizer from Sephora online here.

Thanks for reading- TriedAndTestedBeautyProducts x

All Time Fav: Eye Liner

Hi all, for this All Time Fav, I’m going to be sharing my favourite eye liner. Too clarify- I am talking about black liquid eye-liners, as I find gel & pencil liners too hard to use. I have tried every eye-liner under the sun, from big brand name cult-favs to drugstore steals, and have always found problems with them. While some I’ve tried have been really amazing and close contenders for my favourite e.g. Benefit’s ‘Schwing’, I have never found my ‘holy grail eye liner’. However I have recently been introduced to Tarte’s ‘Light, Camera, Lashes Precision Longwear Eyeliner and oh my god it is amazing!

(Original Image by TriedAndTestedBeautyProducts)

I purchased mine from Sephora, for $27.00 which is pretty reasonable for a high-end eye-liner. The description on Sephora online says ‘Line and define eyes like a pro in one seamless swipe with this collector’s edition of tarte’s bestselling, liquid liner eye essential—revamped for fun, summer eye looks. Its signature, ultra-thin, flexible tip glides easily along the lashline, making the lashes appear visibly fuller. The limited-edition, rich brown shade is the perfect addition to your sultry summer liner looks—from a tight, defined line to a bold, deep brown cat eye—delivering ultra-precise, long-lasting pigment that can be customized to suit your desired definition. Featuring trendy, vibrant packaging with a neon purple design, it’ll inspire you to bring it along for every summer adventure.’ 

The packaging is fairly plain yet sleek- nothing different to any eye-liner I’ve ever seen. However what makes this product my favourite is the applicator, colour & consistency. The applicator is the perfect length- not too-short and not too-long & also the perfect width- not too-thin and not too-thick. The thinness of the applicator allows you to easily build up a perfect winged eye-liner every time. Additionally, the felt tip runs really smoothly (unlike some applicators which are quite bumpy) along my eye-lids, which makes for a consistently sharp and precise line.


(Original Image by TriedAndTestedBeautyProducts)

The colour is also one of the things I love about it- it’s matte jet black. It stands out against any eye-shadow colour which I have on, rather than fade into the background. It doesn’t fade at all during the day and lasts all night. I’ve found that with other eye-liners, the product runs out really quickly- even after 2 weeks, meaning I have to continually replace my eye-liners. However with Lights, Camera Lashes, I’ve used it over twenty times and the colour is just as black as when I first used it- and when it does run out, it’s fairly cheap to replace anyway! It dries quickly, however still gives you long enough to blend out if necessary. Another bonus is that if I apply MacFix+ or a setting spray, Lights, Camera, Lashes doesn’t run or smudge!


(Original Image by TriedAndTestedBeautyProducts)

Light, Camera, Lashes is vegan friendly and cruelty free- Yayyy! I think it is the exact same quality/colour/consistency (if not better) as Chanel’s CrueltyFreeAndVegan_Logo‘Eyeliner Pen Effortless Definition’ (RRP $55.00 AUD)  which is probably my second favourite eye-liner. However it is nearly half
the price and far more ethical (as Chanel does test on animals), which is why Tarte’s ‘Light, Camera, Lashes Precision Long-wear Eyeliner’ is my all time favourite eye liner. You should try it for yourself- buy it from Sephora online here.

Best Thing: Hard to pick just one but probably the applicator which is so versatile and build-able for any eye design.

Worst Thing: I honestly can’t think of anything I don’t like about it!

Thanks for reading- TriedAndTestedBeautyProducts x


Review: Karity Eye Shadows

Hi all! As I posted awhile back, I did a huge Karity Eyeshadow order and have been very excited to review these eye-shadows as Queen Nikkie raved about them in a recent video. I loved the results that Nikkie found in her video and the price was so cheap- a rarity for high- quality eye-shadows. I decided to buy 13 shadows, a Z pallet and a few brushes to start with.


My first impression of the new brand was that the Karity website was really professional, sleek and user-friendly. From a marketing perspective, their company story is really brilliant – “The vision was humble: provide hand-crafted, high-quality cosmetics and tools at a price the rest of us can afford”- from what I can gather Karity’s aim is to ‘cut out the middleman’ and thus the additional mark-up associated with out-sourcing distribution to retailers. In short, the Karity website is the only (official) stockist of Karity products, therefore we get the products at a standardized (and cheap) price without any mark-up that would be certainly be added if Karity sold through retailers. Read more about this here.

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 4.50.17 pm.png

They have a fairly limited product range compared to their established competitors, which is probably a good thing for this new company as consumers are not saturated by too-much choice; rather we can choose from a few products which have been reviewed thus can make an informed choice.  They have 51 eye shadow singles- a mixture of metallic; (has an intense metallic sheen when applied to the skin), satin; (pure colour in a satin-style finish- provides a soft subtle non-frost, light-refractive sheen) matte; (no shine, no glitter, no frost – these produce a flat, almost air-brushed finish), velvet; (soft look finish with high-colour intensity – has a plush velvety look and feel) and frost; (an iridescent shine that adds a highlight to any colour). After deliberating on what to get for an hour, I eventually decided on 13 colours, each shadow is swatched and shown in the below pictures:

  • Metallic: (Left to Right) Shrile, Dimepiece & Diva;


  • Frost: (Left to Right) Glamazon, Moonshine & Naughty Girl;


  • Velvet: (Left to Right) Turkish Delight & Vino;


  • Matte: (Left to Right) Rush, Inod & Tart;


  • Satin: (Left to Right) Ingenue & Fetish;


All Shadows & the Z Pallet;


As you can see from the above swatches, each colour has amazing pigmentation- some 236adbe102fd9a524fa3a5be3e4c1266more than others e.g. Fetish compared to Ingenue. They are easily blendable and really smooth in consistency. They are comparable in terms of quality, if not better than Mac eye-shadows, and at a fraction of the cost! On the Karity website there is even a dupe conversion guide for eye-shadows from Mac, Anastasia Beverly Hills & Sigma. Another point of difference is that Karity is a cruelty-free brand and some of there products are vegan.

The colours I love the most are Fetish, Rush, Turkish Delight, Vino, Glamazon  & Shrile. I love using Glamazon & Shrile as my eye-lid main colour- I love golds and these would have to be two of my all time favourite golds. Rush makes a perfect transitioning colour, Turkish delight is such a different and bright shade & Vino and Fetish are great as outer-eye & tightline shades. I think Ingenue is the least pigmented however I think it would work better as a highlighter than an eye-shadow.

I got 13 eyeshadow singles, a Z Pallet and 3 brushes (I’m going to review those in a later blog) and only paid $82.50 AUD inclusive of shipping and handling! I used the code Nikkie at the check out, and got $12.00 off which was a bonus. I think this is an amazing price especially considering the high quality. My order arrived from the US 7 days later which is pretty fast compared to other international shipments. I really can’t do these products justice, you have to see for yourself what amazing eye-shadows these are and I would recommend these eye-shadows to anyone- they are so affordable and such high quality. Extra Bonus; I got a shout-out on Karity’s instagram, yayyy!


Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 7.31.58 pm.png

Best Thing: The high-end quality for a drug-store price

Worst Thing: 1 or 2 eye-shadows are not as pigmented as the rest which were super pigmented.

Buy Karity Eye Shadows online here

Thanks for reading! – TriedAndTestedBeautyProducts 

*(All Images by TriedAndTestedBeautyProducts)

All Time Fav: Blush

Hi all! So for this All Time Fav blog product, I’ve decided to discuss my favourite blush. I feel like it’s so important to find your holy grail blush, as it makes such a difference to your look. After years and years of using any-old blush- usually the first one the I pick up in my drawer- I finally decided that I needed to search and select for one that I can use over and over again and that was the perfect colour.

I had heard great things about nars blushes, however had never actually tried them. One in particular that had been recommended to me for my skin tone from both professional MAU’s and friends/ family is NAR’s Blush in Orgasm. So I eventually relented and bought it.

(Original Images by TriedAndTestedBeautyProducts)

At Mecca Maxima it retails for $44, which is a lot of money to spend on a blush I thought. On the website it says ‘The ideal blush to brighten and rejuvenate your complexion, available in a range of colours to suit all skin tones.’ This description, the price and the fact that it’s  great reputation meant that I had very high expectations for such a coveted item. I eventually purchased mine from Mecca, thinking that there was no wore that a blush could be worth the $44 price tag.


(Original Image by TriedAndTestedBeautyProducts)

My first impression of the packaging was that it was really sleek and elegant. Unfortunately the packaging does get quite dirty in make-up drawers/ bags because it’s black and uses a certain material, however this is just a minor flaw. Upon actually applying the product to my cheekbones, I was honestly blown away by how amazing it was! It is super pigmented and you definitely only need a little bit as it goes a long way (see below swatches) It is a beautiful color which would probably suit most skin-tones. It is also buttery and very easy to blend. Nar’s Orgasm definitely lives up to its rep- something that can’t be said about most cult products. I use it as part of my daily make-up routine as well as when I’m going out- it’s so versatile. Regarding the price- I think if you are willing to invest in a high-quality blush that you will use everyday, then this is the blush for you. I have used mine daily for the past 6 months, and I’m not even half-way through.


Nars is owned by Shiseido, which is a company which tests on animals, however Nars IS a cruelty free company- their products don’t test on animals. Nars is NOT sold in China where animal testing is mandatory for foreign cosmetics companies (Cruelty Free Kitty, 2016). Nars is not a vegan brand however. I personally think it’s great that Nars doesn’t test on animals, especially given the pressure they are likely under to trade in China alongside Shiseido. It is obviously far better than buying from a brand that does straight up test on animals. I do however understand that some people would be uncomfortable buying from Nars when they are indirectly supporting their parent company-Shiseido- that DOES test on animals. To read more about this moral dilemma, click here.

Best Thing: The pigmentation & colour

Worst Thing: The packaging

Buy it from Mecca Maxima online here.

Thanks for reading- TriedAndTestedBeautyProducts x

Review: Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer

Hi all, today I’m going to be reviewing Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer. The shade I have is Fair Neutral, which is the lightest shade. The RRP is $46.0Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 2.39.11 pm0 AUD (online or in-store at Mecca).  As shown below, there are a whopping 11 shades from this line, which is a great change from the usual 3 shades found with most concealers (light, medium & dark).  Mecca’s description of the product;  ‘Enriched with peptides to restore elasticity and sodium hyaluronates to hydrate deeply, this revolutionary concealer uses light-diffusing technology to create a radiant, flawless-looking complexion. The light-as-air formula melts into skin to visibly blur the appearance of fine lines and camouflage the look of imperfections. Coverage can be customised, built and concentrated as needed for an undetectable finish.’


Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 2.38.56 pm

(Image’s via Mecca Online)

Before using this product, I was expecting to get 2 things out of it- full coverage and a very light colour. I constantly have under-eye bags and therefore require a full-coverage concealer. Additionally I’m pretty pale and like a noticeable under-eye highlight, so I was hoping that the colour- being the lightest shade out of 11- would be light enough for me. I have tried so many high-end concealers such as Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer & Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Éclat – Radiant Touch and found that even the lightest shade was too dark on me and definitely was not worth the high price tag attached. I’ve also tried many drug-store concealers such as Maybelline’s Instant Anti-Age The Eraser Eye Concealer and found that while the shade was light enough, the quality was poor and creased on me. Naked Skin my sister’s holy grail concealer and so I was really hoping that I would love it as much as she does.

All Urban Decay packaging is gorgeous, and this concealer was no exception! I also really liked the length and feel of the applicator.

(Original Image by TriedAndTestedBeautyProducts)

Upon first application, I used Naked Skin Concealer under my eyes, along the bone of my nose and in the hollows of my cheek. I was blown away with the results. I found that it was super blendable (using a beauty blender) and took a few minutes to set- giving anyone enough time to bake and set these areas with a powder. It has a semi matte finish and looks so natural yet covers up dark circles, blemishes and redness so well. As the name implies, it really is a full coverage concealer. The colour is beige/yellow based, which is ideal for my pale complexion. I can’t stand orange/ pink based concealers so the colour of the Naked Skin Concealer is one of the best things about it.


(Original Image by TriedAndTestedBeautyProducts)

The only negative I found with the Naked Skin Concealer was that while it managed to cover up the fine lines under my eyes, it did crease slightly. However in saying this, every concealer I have ever used has creased waaaaaaay more and far more noticeably. This concealer only creased a little bit and far less than the concealers I have used in the past. CrueltyFreeAndVegan_LogoAdditionally, It could be due to the powder I set it with (Rimmel’s Translucent Match Perfection Silky Loose Powder), so I might experiment with a few different powders. I think I may just have to over-look this minor flaw, as it still does an amazing job concealing and highlighting! Naked Skin Concealer works amazingly for baking, and gives a seriously flawless finish. Another bonus is that this product (like all Urban Decay cosmetics) is 100% vegan and cruelty-free!!!

While it’s pretty pricey, Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer is far better than any high-end or drug-store concealer I’ve used and I will absolutely be buying it again. I probably wouldn’t use it every day because of the high cost (I go through concealer like crazy) and I think this concealer is best for occasion’s when you need full coverage or when baking. Overall however, I’m super pleased with the result and would highly recommend this to anyone or any skin tone- especially because of the huge range of shades.

Best Thing: The full coverage yet weightless feel

Worst Thing: Creases slightly under my eyes

Buy it from Mecca Maxima online here.

Thanks for reading- TriedAndTestedBeautyProducts x