Review: Karity Eye Shadows

Hi all! As I posted awhile back, I did a huge Karity Eyeshadow order and have been very excited to review these eye-shadows as Queen Nikkie raved about them in a recent video. I loved the results that Nikkie found in her video and the price was so cheap- a rarity for high- quality eye-shadows. I decided to buy 13 shadows, a Z pallet and a few brushes to start with.


My first impression of the new brand was that the Karity website was really professional, sleek and user-friendly. From a marketing perspective, their company story is really brilliant – “The vision was humble: provide hand-crafted, high-quality cosmetics and tools at a price the rest of us can afford”- from what I can gather Karity’s aim is to ‘cut out the middleman’ and thus the additional mark-up associated with out-sourcing distribution to retailers. In short, the Karity website is the only (official) stockist of Karity products, therefore we get the products at a standardized (and cheap) price without any mark-up that would be certainly be added if Karity sold through retailers. Read more about this here.

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 4.50.17 pm.png

They have a fairly limited product range compared to their established competitors, which is probably a good thing for this new company as consumers are not saturated by too-much choice; rather we can choose from a few products which have been reviewed thus can make an informed choice.  They have 51 eye shadow singles- a mixture of metallic; (has an intense metallic sheen when applied to the skin), satin; (pure colour in a satin-style finish- provides a soft subtle non-frost, light-refractive sheen) matte; (no shine, no glitter, no frost – these produce a flat, almost air-brushed finish), velvet; (soft look finish with high-colour intensity – has a plush velvety look and feel) and frost; (an iridescent shine that adds a highlight to any colour). After deliberating on what to get for an hour, I eventually decided on 13 colours, each shadow is swatched and shown in the below pictures:

  • Metallic: (Left to Right) Shrile, Dimepiece & Diva;


  • Frost: (Left to Right) Glamazon, Moonshine & Naughty Girl;


  • Velvet: (Left to Right) Turkish Delight & Vino;


  • Matte: (Left to Right) Rush, Inod & Tart;


  • Satin: (Left to Right) Ingenue & Fetish;


All Shadows & the Z Pallet;


As you can see from the above swatches, each colour has amazing pigmentation- some 236adbe102fd9a524fa3a5be3e4c1266more than others e.g. Fetish compared to Ingenue. They are easily blendable and really smooth in consistency. They are comparable in terms of quality, if not better than Mac eye-shadows, and at a fraction of the cost! On the Karity website there is even a dupe conversion guide for eye-shadows from Mac, Anastasia Beverly Hills & Sigma. Another point of difference is that Karity is a cruelty-free brand and some of there products are vegan.

The colours I love the most are Fetish, Rush, Turkish Delight, Vino, Glamazon  & Shrile. I love using Glamazon & Shrile as my eye-lid main colour- I love golds and these would have to be two of my all time favourite golds. Rush makes a perfect transitioning colour, Turkish delight is such a different and bright shade & Vino and Fetish are great as outer-eye & tightline shades. I think Ingenue is the least pigmented however I think it would work better as a highlighter than an eye-shadow.

I got 13 eyeshadow singles, a Z Pallet and 3 brushes (I’m going to review those in a later blog) and only paid $82.50 AUD inclusive of shipping and handling! I used the code Nikkie at the check out, and got $12.00 off which was a bonus. I think this is an amazing price especially considering the high quality. My order arrived from the US 7 days later which is pretty fast compared to other international shipments. I really can’t do these products justice, you have to see for yourself what amazing eye-shadows these are and I would recommend these eye-shadows to anyone- they are so affordable and such high quality. Extra Bonus; I got a shout-out on Karity’s instagram, yayyy!


Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 7.31.58 pm.png

Best Thing: The high-end quality for a drug-store price

Worst Thing: 1 or 2 eye-shadows are not as pigmented as the rest which were super pigmented.

Buy Karity Eye Shadows online here

Thanks for reading! – TriedAndTestedBeautyProducts 

*(All Images by TriedAndTestedBeautyProducts)


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