Annotated Bibliography 9- YouTube Video: Royalty Free Music for YouTube Videos

This 4 minute long YouTube video by Sunny Lenarduzzi where she shares where to find and and how to use royalty free music for your YouTube videos. She provides 2 really great resources for the aforementioned task- NoCopyrightSounds and YouTube’s free music audio library. Sunny explains that both sources have huge amounts of music that is freely available and have been given prior permission for anyone to use in their videos(on the proviso that the the clip is correctly credited and the link to the original source is included). I found this video extremely advantageous as I had a pretty minimal idea of where to find copyright free music for YouTube videos. This knowledge will be applied to any video’s that I create in the future and I even used one of the sources (NoCopyrightSounds) to add music to my first beauty video created.Sunny is a beauty vlogger and shows exactly what sort of music she would search for- which is really beneficial to my digital artefact, as that is exactly what I will be doing. Overall, this is an excellent and practical source!

Reference List

Lenarduzzi, S 2015, Royalty Free Music For YouTube Videos (Copyright Free), online video, 9 June, YouTube, viewed 22 April 2016, <;


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