Annotated Bibliography 10-Article: How to Become a Successful Beauty Blogger

Katie Robertson’s blog ‘How to Become a Successful Beauty Blogger‘ discusses some of the challenges associated with beauty blogging and provides numerous tips and opinions on how to create a successful beauty blog. Robertson (2015) discusses many of the initial challenges with starting up any blog e.g lack of funding and the need to be constantly on the ‘cultural pulse’. The author reveals her best blogging tips, such as the importance of quality over quantity and the time and commitment associated. One tip that stuck out to me was Robertson’s stress on ‘finding your niche’. This I thought was really important to my digital artefact work as there are so many beauty bloggers out there, that it would be beneficial that I try to make my blog different some how.


(Screenshot from the abovementioned artcle)

While this resource is similar to my the source used in my annotated bibliography post 4 ‘How to Start A Beauty Blog’ I think it is a positive to have more information than less! In terms of credibility, the author has been beauty blogging for numerous reputable companies (e.g. Grazia and Get the Gloss) for many years, thus she is an excellent source in terms of helping my digital artefact progression.

Reference List

Robertson K, 2015, How to Become a Successful Beauty Blogger, Get the Gloss, Weblog, 4 May, viewed 20 April 2016, <;


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