Annotated Bibliography 7- Paula Begoun’s ‘Beautypedia’

This online resource by Paula Begoun and her team, is essentially an ‘encyclopaedia’ of cosmetic product information and expert reviews. The gives you the option to search through 45,000 products and gives you an extensive review of each product, pricing information, an expert and community rating, claims made by the company, ingredients list and overview of the brand (click here for an example).

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 11.17.49 am.png

(Screenshot from Beautypedia)

It differs form Makeupalley as it is a professional website whereby experts review products, not just the online community. It is a great website to use as a reference point and provides me with good information for my digital artefact, about the type of language and criteria used in such reviews.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 11.27.49 am.png

(Screenshot from Beautypedia)

Paula Begoun is known as ‘The Cosmetics Cop’ because of her extensive scientific and peer reviewed research into each individual cosmetic product. She has no known affiliations with any other make up brand and has actually written several books e.g. ‘The Beauty Bible’. For these reasons, I know that her reviews are going to be 100% honest and purely for the consumer benefit.

Reference List

Beguone, P 2016, Beautypedia Reviews,  Beautypedia, viewed 22 April 2016, <;


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