Annotated Bibliography 6- YouTube Video: iMovie for Beginners

This 30 minute YouTube Clip goes through the basics of creating videos using iMovie. It explains how to; import media, mix the video timeline, edit clips, split clips, add transitions, edit audio, add tiles and add sound clips, as well as other general advice and recommendations. It provided me with some very valuable information, as I had absolutely no idea how to use iMovie for my Lip Injection Extreme Blog, however after watching it I had a much better idea and even managed to create a short clip (seen on the aforementioned blog). Overall the video was very helpful for a beginner like me, however I think an iMovie tutorial which is centered on makeup vlogging would be much more beneficial to my digital artefact.

Reference List

Timmer, E 2014, iMovie for Begginners, online video, 17 November, YouTube, viewed 20 April 2016, <;


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