Annotated Bibliography 5-Mecca Newsletter


(Image by Mecca NZ)

The Mecca Maxima/ Cosmetica Newsletter is a monthly publication which is sent to my email and postal address. It includes a number of articles e.g. ‘How to’s’, ‘Hot Products’, ‘Monthly Deals’ etc, which help to keep me informed on what is trending. Perhaps most importantly to my digital artefact is the fact that it includes a comprehensive list on new and upcoming products. This is really important to my beauty blog, as a new product is a an ‘un-tapped’ review of sorts, meaning that audiences are going to want a review of any new product and I (in theory) will be there early on to provide such information. In saying this however, some new products are not necessarily what audiences want to know the most of, as established products are often more popular for reviews. Another potential criticism is that Mecca only features a slice of the product market, meaning I would have to scan other cosmetic super-stores such as Sephora, in order to be aware of a wider range of new products. Finally, Mecca may tend to promote their in-house brand ‘Kit’ more than others, which can lead to problems of bias.

Reference List

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