Annotated Bibliography 3- Tianna Fischer: Makeup, YouTube, and Amateur Media in the TwentyFirst Century

Fischer’s scholary article ‘Makeup, YouTube, and Amateur Media in the TwentyFirst Century’ (2014) provides a detailed insight into the world of beauty vlogging. The author deliberates on what audiences find interesting and what keeps them coming back to certain Vloggers. Fishcer closely examine’s notable beauty ‘guru’s’ e.g. Zoella, and how their video’s gain so much popularity, for example she looks at different tags of beauty video’s e.g. ‘Get Ready With Me’, ‘My Boyfriend  Does My Makeup’ and ‘Spring Favourites‘. The author illustrates her essay with screenshot’s of beauty vlog’s (see below) which makes for a compelling and visually appealing read. Fisher also examines the changing medium to message landscape “These videos are thus a noteworthy example of the position of media produced by amateurs in light of the changing media landscape of the twenty-first century” (2014, p 1)


One reason why this resource is valuable to my digital artefact, is the fact that Fisher provides insight into the ease in which amateurs (like myself) can create content online- “Most of the content available online – including content produced by amateurs – finds an audience. These audiences can be tiny, but they are not zero . That there is an audience for these videos likely encourages their production” (2014, p 2). Additionally the  journal where the article it is published is an International University publication, thus can be used as a particularly credible resource.

Reference List

Fischer, T 2014, ‘Makeup, YouTube, and Amateur Media in the TwentyFirst Century’, Undergraduate Film Journal, Issue no. 4, pp 1 -8, viewed 21 April 2016, <;




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