Annotated Bibliography 2: Temptalia: Too-Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Review, Photos, Swatches


Temptalia’s in-depth review of Too-Faced’s Chocolate Bar Palette (2013) is an outstanding example on how to create an amazing product review. This is undoubtedly the quality of work that I personally and all beauty critiques should aim for. The review sequentially discusses:

1- Product information e.g. price, size, place of purchase (see below excerpt)


2- Positive and negative attributes of the product overall (see below excerpt)


3- Detailed information on each eye-shadow + competitor dupes for each shadow (see below excerpt)


4- An overall rating of the product, including information on how each characteristic was rated (see below excerpt)


5- A comprehensive rating of each individual eye-shadow in the palette (see below excerpt)


6- Numerous images of the product and it’s packaging- including swatches (see below images)


7 – The opportunity for readers to rate the product and leave a review


The piece is clearly the writers honest opinion and does not appear to be endorsed by Too-Faced in any way, as it includes negative attributes/scores and offers competitor dupes. In conclusion, this is a very beneficial resource to my digital artefact work as it set’s the bench mark on how to create a great and unbiased product review.

Reference List

Temptalia 2013, Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Palette Review, Photos, Swatches,  Temptalia, viewed 20 April 2016, <



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