Annotated Bibliography 1: NikkieTutorials: January Hit’s and Oh God NO’s 2016


This is a 14 minute video by the famous beauty blogger ‘NikkieTutorials’ called “January Hit’s and Oh God NO’s 2016”. In this video, Nikkie simply discusses her favourite products of January as well as her least favourite products for the month. It is an upbeat video which provides great insight into how to make an un-biased and entertaining YouTube review.


As I’m aiming to review beauty products for my digital artefact, this is an extremely advantageous resource as it is essentially an indirect ‘How To’ video, displaying what to include in a review as well as demonstrating how to convey views in an informative, compelling and most importantly- honest- fashion.

Reference List

De Jager, N, 2016, January Hit’s and Oh God NO’s 2016, (online video), 6 January, NikkieTutorials, viewed 20 April 2016, <;

NikkieTutorials 2013, Glitter Cut Crease, image, NikkieTutorials, viewed 20 20 April 2016, <;



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